National Skilled Trades Network Success Story

NSTN wants to welcome back Harrison Alsup, returning for his second year participation in our Introduction To The Skilled Trades Summer Program.

After spending last summer shadowing and some hands on participation with Michael Watkins owner of Watt1 Electrical Systems and Willco Services LLC, Home Improvement Contracting Company. Harrison has decided to become a carpenter and enter the field of home improvement. Harrison will become a senior in the next school year. After graduating High School Harrison will begin NSTN’s On The Job Training Program. We will take him under our wings and guide him until he becomes a Home Improvement Contractor and Entrepreneur.

​For those that may want to follow Harrison’s footsteps attached you will find our brochure and application. Also during this summer we will be rehabbing this property that the NSTN is in the process of acquiring. It will allow our youth to see the skills that are required to update an older home.

We will update the electrical, the plumbing the heating and cooling. We will also be gutting the kitchen and bathroom. Install new flooring, counter tops, cabinets, dishwasher in the kitchen. Install new flooring, tub/shower unit, new toilet, vanity, lighting in bathroom. Paint the exterior. We will have the youth watch how house painting is done.


Howard Williams

Executive Director Of Operations

National Skilled Trades Network


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