Home Improvement General Contractor vs General Contractor vs Handyman

By: Howard Williams
September 24, 2017

Your home is the most important asset you own. It’s value or appreciation will depend on the quality of repairs, improvements or additions you make over the years.

So therefor you must understand what the different qualifications are of the individuals you have working on projects in and around your home.

There are three types of individuals that most people hire to do work in or around their home.

The most qualified is a Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor who is qualified in all aspects of home improvement. Then there is the Licensed Limited Home Improvement Contractor who is only licensed in one or more fields such as

Residential roofing.
Residential siding, windows, and doors.
Residential deck installation.
Residential basement waterproofing.
Residential prefabricated fireplaces and wood or coal stoves.
Residential masonry fireplaces.
Residential fencing.
Residential sidewalks and driveway approaches.
Residential exterior lathing and stucco.
Residential swimming pools and spas.
Residential asphalt paving.
Residential irrigation sprinkler.

Also there is the Licensed General Contractor who manages.

Construction of all new structures or buildings (excluding accessory structures and garages for existing 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings).
Structural additions, alterations or repairs to existing commercial or multi-family dwellings and accessory structures or buildings.
Multi-family buildings are defined as any dwelling or building that contains 4 or more dwelling units.

Coordinate and manage the modification, alteration, or repair of existing 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings. The General Contractor is required to subcontract all work to City of Columbus Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor, Licensed Mechanical Contractor, Licensed Electrical Contractor and Licensed Plumbing Contractor that will perform the work with their own hands or see that the work is properly accomplished under their direct supervision.
Lets not forget the valuable Handyman which I started out as. However are limited as to the projects they are qualified to undertake.

So before you hire anyone to work in or around your home make sure you know their limitations.

When you try to save money by asking someone who has a few skills to take on a project they are not licensed or qualified to do will cost you twice as much to undo.

Remember a Licensed Home Improvement General Contractor is where you should start and they usually are also a Licensed General Contractor.

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